Note: If you have a newer Chromecast device, you will still need to cast directly from the 10 play app on your mobile device. 

There are different ways to enable Chromecast depending on the device you are using to cast content. 

For iOS and Android mobile devices:  

1. Download the latest 10 play app on your iOS phone or tablet:


2. Connect your phone or tablet to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast. 

3. Open the 10 play app on your phone or tablet and tap the Cast button (this can be done while browsing for a show, or during video playback):

4. A list of available Chromecast devices will appear – tap the one you want to Cast to:  

5. The following image may appear on your TV screen for a short time while the two devices connect to each other:  

6. The 10 play app will look similar to the below while the show is casting, and you should be able to navigate away from the 10 play app without interrupting your video stream:  

7. You can rewind or fast-forward by dragging the dot (this won’t work during ad breaks):  

8. To stop casting, tap the Chromecast button again: 



If you are unable to cast from the 10 play app to your Chromecast device, please submit a ticket and let us know the following: 

  • Which step did you get up to? 
  • Did you see an error message? (Please send through a screenshot) 
  • What type of Chromecast are you using (Check out this Wikipedia article if you’re not sure) 
  • Send a screenshot of the App Info screen from the 10 play app (instructions on how to do this can be found here)