Are you trying to locate the app info screen for your smart TV or mobile device?

If you are experiencing technical 10 play issues with your Smart TV or Mobile device, we will need the information from the "App Info" screen located in your 10 play app to help look into the issue.

Please see below for smart TV and mobile device instructions

App info screen for smart TV

1). Expand the Menu on the left of the app:


2). Select the “Settings” cog:


3). Select "app info" within settings:


App info screen for mobile device


If you have a mobile device - iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile or Tablet - please follow these steps and send us the information on the last screen:


1). Click on the ‘More’ icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the app:

2). Click on 'App Info':

3). Copy and paste the information found on this screen or screenshot and send it to 10 play support via submitting a ticket  and our dedicated support team will investigate the issue you are experiencing. Please refer to the image provided below.

If you are experiencing difficulties with accessing your 'App Info' screen, please let us know here.