We are always trying to provide entertaining content to our viewers on 10 play but unfortunately due to legal rights we are unable to make some shows available for catch up online. 

Below is a list of common shows that are broadcast on 10, 10 Peach Comedy, NICKELODEON AND 10 BOLD Drama but are currently not available on 10 play. If there is a show that you would love to see but it is not available, please let us know so that we can try and make it happen! 

  • JAG 
  • Bull 
  • Scorpion
  • FBI: International
  • Law & Order: SVU

Similarly, there are also some shows that are not available for live streaming however are available for catch-up on 10 play. 

There are also some shows that only have digital content rights to be shown on either our website or our apps which is why you will sometimes find a show on one platform and not the other. 

There may also be an instance where the episode you are looking to watch is no longer available on 10 play. Some shows are only available on catch up for a period of time before it has to be taken down. The time given to watch an episode is generally 30 days, however it is dependent on the show you are watching. For example, a show like Gogglebox is only available for 48 hours after it has gone to air.