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Watching Broadcast TV

I’ve got poor TV reception and/or my TV signal keeps cutting out?

Your TV reception issues may be caused by a number of factors including weather, antenna location, type of antenna, your digital set-top box connection or even the strength of the signal and your location to that signal. First we recommend you turn both you TV and set top box off for 30 seconds, then turn them back on. If this doesn't correct your issue, we recommend you contact a television technician.

Issues viewing the 10, 10 Bold or 10 Peach broadcast?

If you’re having issues with your broadcast, you can let us know by clicking the blue Contact Us button on the bottom right of this screen and selecting 10 Broadcast in Area. 

Network 10 Programming

Why has my favourite show changed the time it is aired?

As the digital media team, we don’t control when shows are on air, that's up to the programming department! Unfortunately, we’re not able to answer all your questions regarding why shows sometimes change timeslots. Stay in touch with us via Facebook and Twitter to stay updated.

Can you please cancel this show I don’t like?

We love our shows on 10, 10 Bold and 10 Peach, but know that people all over Australia have different tastes. If you’re not into a show, don’t watch it. We’ve got heaps of shows on should you want to watch an old favourite or discover something new. Browse new shows now!

Can you change the time of this show?

We cater for a lot of people in Australia and while we do our best to put shows in the best timeslot for you to catch it, it isn't always possible for everyone. Good news though! Many of our new shows are available online to catch up.

Is there a repeat of my favourite show?

Several of our favourite shows are repeated on 10 Peach or 10 Bold, so check the TV guide for times. Otherwise, you can catch-up on your favourite shows online on 10 play.

10 News First

How do I find a story or video clip from the news?

Check our News section on the website for all the latest breaking, local, national and international news. You can also type what you are looking for in our search box in the top right of our website.

I’ve got feedback about one of the stories on 10 News First

It’s best if you lodge queries or comments directly with the News team in your local area.

The contact details for these include:

10 News First: @10newsfirst
10 News First in Melbourne: @10newsfirstmelb /
10 News First in Sydney: @10newsfirstsyd/
10 News First in Queensland: @tennewsqld /

10 News First in Adelaide: @TenNewsADEL /

10 News First Perth: @TenNewsPerth

How can I send in weather photos or request that Tim Bailey present the weather from my school?

You can contact Tim at

Changes to 10 Bold in September 2021
10 Bold has been updated to a High Definition MPEG4 channel with surround sound audio in capital cities around Australia.

What this means:
  • If you have a modern television (less than approx. 5 years old) should not need to do anything. Your TV should automatically receive the new 10 BOLD service in HD.
  • If you have an older televisions (up to approx. 9 years old), you may need to rescan your television to continue watching 10 BOLD in HD.
  • If you have a very old televisions (over 9 years old), you may not be able to receive 10 BOLD after Thursday 23rd September. This is due to very old televisions not being equipped with MPEG4 capability.
Note: If you can receive 10 HD on LCN 1 or LCN 15 then you will also be able to receive 10 BOLD in HD on LCN 12.
If your TV is not compatible, the cheapest option to receive HD channels is to purchase a set-top box that is HD compatible. These can be found from around $30. 

If you are watching 10 BOLD through the Foxtel cable network the following may be helpful:
  • Foxtel cable subscribers with a modern Foxtel STB (IQ series) will continue to receive 10 BOLD as before but now in HD.
  • Foxtel cable subscribers with a very old Foxtel STB will not be able to receive 10 BOLD after Thursday 23rd September unless they upgrade their STB to a IQ series STB.