Explore Pluto TV on 10 Play's live channels, with Pluto TV you can browse through a remarkable channel selection, available for free, all backed by ad-supported streaming. To explore this vast array of streaming content, thoughtfully curated across a spectrum of genres, simply visit 10 Play's live TV page. Immerse yourself in uninterrupted entertainment around the clock, as we ensure a seamless streaming experience at any hour. Dive into a diverse range of channels spanning reality, drama, sports, comedy, and kids' content – a comprehensive collection tailored to suit every moment of your day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access PlutoTV on 10 Play?

To access 10 Play's Pluto fast channels, simply navigate to Live TV through the 10Play app or by visiting our webpage at 10play.com.au. The first four channels you'll encounter, including 10, 10 Peach, 10 Bold, and Nickelodeon, represent our primary On-Air channels. For more options, continue exploring or use the categories bar to discover all Pluto fast channels available on 10Play. With 14 categories to explore, you'll find a diverse range of Pluto fast channels to enjoy. If you encounter any difficulties locating these channels, please don't hesitate to create a support ticket here.

Why can't I see these channels on my TV? 

Please be aware that Pluto fast channels are exclusively accessible through the 10Play app and webpage. If you're trying to find these channels via the Broadcast TV guide, you'll notice they are not available there. To enjoy our extensive selection, kindly download the 10Play app or visit 10play.com.au/live. This will provide you with access to the wide array of channels we offer.

Are the programs aired on Pluto live channels accessible for catch-up streaming?

We offer a vast array of content for catch-up streaming on 10 Play. However, please note that due to digital content rights, not all live content is accessible for catch-up streaming. If you're curious about the availability of a specific series for catch-up, please don't hesitate to create a ticket here and let us know!

Do the PlutoTV channels have closed captions?

We offer closed captions for many of our channels, though they may not be available for a few programs on 10Play. Rest assured, our team is actively working on this. Please don't hesitate to create a ticket here, outlining the channels you'd like to see with closed captions, following the provided format below:

Subject: Closed Captions Request

Additional Detail: Kindly inform us here of the show(s) that are most crucial to you for closed captions.

This will aid our team in prioritising which channels receive closed captions first.

Is PlutoTV available in Australia?

Please be aware that 10Play offers fast channels powered by PlutoTV, and it is exclusively accessible within Australia. Regrettably, attempting to access 10Play outside of Australia may result in an error message.

Can I access channels powered by PlutoTV via Paramount+ too? 

10Play offers channels powered by PlutoTV. For inquiries related to Paramount+, it is advisable to directly contact Paramount+ support for further assistance.