Starting August 31st, we're excited to introduce a new and enhanced streaming experience on 10 Play! Live channels will seamlessly transition into the captivating realm of Live TV with Pluto TV, offering a remarkable selection of 51 fast channels available for free, all backed by ad-supported streaming. To explore this vast array of streaming content, thoughtfully curated across a spectrum of genres, simply visit 10 Play's live TV page. Immerse yourself in uninterrupted entertainment around the clock, as we ensure a seamless streaming experience at any hour. Dive into a diverse range of channels spanning reality, drama, sports, comedy, and kids' content – a comprehensive collection tailored to suit every moment of your day. 

Kindly be advised that in order to unlock access to our latest releases on 10 Play, it is imperative to update your application on your chosen device. If you have already successfully applied the update and are encountering issues in accessing these exciting new features, we encourage you to promptly submit a support ticket. Our dedicated support team stands ready to provide you with swift and efficient assistance to address any concerns you may have.