You can now conveniently access 10 Play directly from the VIDAA homepage! With just a simple scroll, you can effortlessly navigate to the 10 Play section and unlock a world of captivating entertainment.

If you find yourself unable to locate the 10 Play app on your VIDAA homepage, worry not! Simply follow the provided instructions below, and you'll be on your way to accessing streaming content on 10 Play:

To download the 10 Play app on your Hisense Smart TV, simply follow the steps provided: 


  1.  1. Click on 'My Apps' from the VIDAA home page.

  2. 2. Scroll down to the 'My Apps' menu and select 'App Store'.

  3. 3. Look for 10play in the 'Latest Apps' section of the App Store.


  4. 4. Install the app and it will be available on the home page under the 'Installed Apps' section.

  1. Once the app has finished installing, enter the app and go through the sign in process. Please follow the prompts to active your device. 

    Please note: To sign into 10 Play you must already have an active account with 10 Play.