My show won't play on 10 Play using Firefox web browser, what do I do?

Here are a set of trouble shooting methods for the new Firefox update.

1. Head onto

2. Simply select the icon closest to the URL, “Permissions for” should appear.

3. As seen in the image provided below – Please allow Autoplay to be set on ‘Allow Audio and Video’

If ‘Block Audio and Video’ or ‘Block Audio’ is currently set for your Firefox Autoplay settings for, this may be the reason you are experiencing issues streaming content.

Second Set of troubleshooting

1. Head into your settings using the dropdown menu on the right-hand side of your Firefox browser.

2. Once you are in settings, select ‘Privacy & Security’.

3. A window will appear with the following ‘Enhanced Tracking Protection’. Please set your setting to ‘Standard’ as seen in the image provided below.


4. If your ‘Enhanced Tracking Protection’ setting is currently set on ‘Strict’ or ‘Custom’ you may be experiencing difficulties accessing streaming content on 10 Play. Please set it to ‘Standard’.

Once you have completed both sets of trouble shooting methods refresh your browser and continue onto 10 Play.

If the issue persists, please create a ticket here and let us know that you have completed both trouble shooting methods and are still unable to watch streaming content on 10 Play.