The new iOS and Safari updates from Apple are currently causing a number of issues with 10 play. 

Some of these issues include:

  1. Freezing on Ads
  2. Thinking you are not in Australia, when you are
  3. Skipping to the next episode

To fix these issues, you must either turn off the "Hide IP Address" setting, watch 10 play in a browser such as Chrome or use the 10 play app if you are on mobile.

To watch 10 play in the Safari browser on mobile:


  1. 1). Open Settings on your phone
  2. 2). Find and select Safari from the list
  3. 3). Scroll down to "Hide IP Address" and select
  4. 4). Turn this setting off, as per the image below



If you are on a computer:

  1. 1). Open a Safari tab and tap Safari from the top menu bar.
  2. 2). Choose Preferences.
  3. 3). Select the Privacy Tab.
  4. 4). Un-check the box next to Hide IP address.

If you try the above and it does not work, please submit a ticket and let us know:

  • What is happening when you try to play a video - if possible please include a screenshot!
  • What version of Safari you are using
  • What operating system are you using?
  • What alternative browser did you try to use (e.g. Chrome)
  •  What show are you trying to watch?
    • Live or Catch-Up
    • Season and Episode number