Not all shows that we have on 10 play have closed captions available. 

For shows that do have closed captions, please follow the steps below to turn them on:
  1. 1. While watching a video, click on the remote control so the show information appears on screen

  1. 2. You should see ’CC’ appear on the screen (typically at the top, left-hand side of the screen)

  1. 3. Tab up to the CC using your remote control - it should appear highlighted as per the image below

  1. 4. Toggle the CC to say "Closed Captions: On"

  1. 5. To turn them off, toggle back to "Closed Captions: Off"

If you do not see the option for Closed Captions, please submit a ticket with the show, season and episode you are trying to watch so we can check if they are available for you.