How to Watch

We stream shows Live on 10 play, and have Socceroo games available for catch-up

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  • Want to know how to watch AFC Asian Qualifiers? Click here 
  • Want fixtures for AFC Asian Qualifiers? Click here 
  • Want fixtures Socceroo games? Click here

If you have any other questions about Football on 10 play, please contact us by submitting a ticket.

How to enable push notifications

Want to be alerted when a game is available for catch-up? Follow the instructions below to enable notifications on your mobile device or web browser.

1. Visit

2. Sign in to your account

3. Head to 'My TV' by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the screen and selecting 'My TV':

4. Click on the 'Emails'; icon:

5. Below this you will see different email groups you can subscribe to - scroll down to find 'Sports' and click on 'Add'. This will add you to the 10 play sports subscription group.

6. After this, you will need to enable push notifications for 10 play on either the website or the mobile app

Enabling push notifications on 10 play website:

1. Visit

2. On your browser, click on the lock icon located on the top left of the screen, then click on Site Settings:

3. Find 'Notifications, click the drop-down box and select 'Allow'

4. Head back to the 10 play website and your browser will ask to reload the page. Click 'Reload':

5. You will start receiving push notifications with sport updates and more from 10 play

Enabling push on 10 play iOS and Android:

1. Open the 10 play app and click on 'More':

2. Ensure the 'Push Notifications' toggle is set to on

3. Follow the prompts on your device to enable push notifications from 10 play