Encountering freezing advertisements can be a frustrating experience, and we understand the need for prompt resolution. In order to effectively troubleshoot and address these issues, it is essential for us to gather some additional information from you.

We find the below can sometimes help:

  • If you are using Airplay or Chromecast - close any apps that you have open in the background
  • If using a windows or mac computer, try restarting your device  

If the above don't work, please submit a ticket and provide the following details:  

  • What show are you watching (including Season and Episode)
  • Are you trying to watch Live or Catch-up?
  • If Live, what channel?
  • Do you remember which Ad is freezing?
  • If you are using a computer, what browser and version are you using (e.g. Chrome, Version 90.0.4430.93)
  • If you are using a 10 play app, send through the information from the "App Info" screen
  • If you are using Chromecast or Airplay, let us know