Where can I access 10 play? 

You can access 10 play on a variety of different platforms that are listed below. This list will continue to grow so watch this space! Check out our 10 play apps page for information on all the platforms we are on.

Samsung Tizen TV 

We are working on a new app for Samsung TV's that we are hoping to release very soon. It will be compatible with 2018 models and newer, and will include features such as Live TV. 

The existing app has a number of playback issues, and we appreciate your patience while we work on getting the new one to you!

PC, Mac or Linux with:

Firefox version 63 and up

Chrome version 74 and up

Safari version 12 and up

Edge version 16 and up

Internet-enabled TVs & Set-Top Boxes:

Amazon Fire TV (Fire OS version 5)

Android TV 9.0

Apple tvOS 12.0

Telstra TV / Roku 9.0

Fetch TV

Freeview Plus certified TVs

Windows 10 

Windows 10 desktop and tablets

iOS app:

iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 12.0 or later. 

Android app:

Compatible with devices running Android 9 or later

As part of 10 play's ongoing platform updates and improvements, these devices will no longer be supported from 31 October 2019: 

Apple TV (2nd & 3rd generations) 

Xbox One

Xbox 360

Sony Bravia & Sony Blu-rays (non Android TV models) 

To watch 10 play you need a fast internet connection

Please note that you need to be signed into the Australian app stores in order to find the 10 play app.