How do I watch a video on tenplay?

There are several options when it comes to locating your favourite show. There are often links from the tenplay Homepage that go straight to your favourite show site, keep an eye out there. If you can’t find your show or episode on the homepage, check out our Browse Shows page or simply type the name of your show into the search box located in the top right hand corner of the tenplay website.

Please note that due to rights restrictions, video on tenplay is not available for viewing from outside of Australia. In the case of the live news and live broadcasts, you are only be able to watch a live stream as you would in the the area you are currently in. For example, if you live in Brisbane but are staying in Perth, you would only have access to the Perth live feed because of the time difference.

How should I watch tenplay for best viewing?

tenplay is best experienced in the following ways:

On the web:

Internet Explorer version 11 or above

Firefox version 30 and up

Chrome version 40 and up

Safari version 8 and up

The tenplay iOS app:

iPhone 5 or 6 on iOS 7 and up

iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S using the iOS 6 operating system. We have noticed some speed issues with iOs 7 on the iPhone 4, due to unique way that iOS 7 functions.  Before upgrading your operating system to iOS 7, please consider how upgrading will affect your device. There is more information on how iOS 7 will affect your device in this article here.

I can't see any episodes to watch for my show

Unfortunately we do not always have rights to play all of Network Ten shows online. You will be able to tell if we have rights to your show if you visit a show page and can select the 'Episodes' button. Here you should see a selection of episodes to watch.

Often when we do have rights to a certain show there is a time limit allocated for how long we are able to keep it on playback. Commonly this is for 14 or 28 days from the time a show airs.

Are closed captions available on tenplay video?

Closed captions are not currently a feature on the tenplay site.

How do I live stream shows?

We Live Stream several of our shows each day including the Studio 10, The Project, TEN Eyewitness News and many sporting events like the Formula 1 and Moto GP. Go to the Watch LIVE page to see a full live streaming schedule and to stream your favourite shows. Live streaming is only possible at the time that the live show is broadcast. 

The live stream cannot be viewed outside of those times and will only be available for the area in which you are located, just like you are watching the broadcast on TV. Unfortunately at this time, you cannot watch another state's broadcast if you are not physically in the area.

Live streaming can be accessed at the Watch LIVE page or via the tenplay app (Open the tenplay app. The second item on the homescreen will be the available Live Stream. Tap through to the video.)