What is tenplay Trending?

tenplay Trending is breaking news, latest scoops and hottest highlights. It’s the blog that keeps you in the know on all things Network Ten.  From what to watch and when to watch it, to behind the scenes developments on your favourite TEN, ONE and ELEVEN shows and what’s on broadcast and digital. You can follow the tenplay Trending on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I want to work at Network TEN, where do I start looking?

That’s great news. We recommend you visit our careers page and look at what’s available.

What song is on your ad for my favourite show?

The team who make our show promos definitely have an ear for a catchy tune! However, most of the music in our ads is just for use in commercials – it isn't available to buy. Sorry!

How do I know what your official Facebook Pages are for a show?

Many of our shows have official Facebook Pages run by Network TEN. We will have a link to these from our website on the show page. We also list them in our “Favourite Pages” on our official certified Facebook Pages.

Contact us

For issues or questions concerning any of our competitions, please email our competitions team, competitions@networkten.com.au

For membership related issues (inability to login, forgotten passwords etc) please email our Membership team, memberships@networkten.com.au

If your questions are unrelated to the above and not already answered within this FAQ page, please email your enquiry to Contact Us, contactus@networkten.com.au