How do I set a TV Reminder for my favourite shows?

You will need to have a 10 play account and be logged in. Once you’re logged in there are a few ways to set a TV Reminder for a show:

1. Find your TV show in the TV guide, click on the title and then click the 'Add TV Reminder' button

2. Visit the show page for your TV show and click the 'Remind Me' button in the show page header

What is “Track” show?

Tracking a show means you will be notified when new episodes of your show are available online for catch up, we’ll automatically add them to your playlist for you too. And when they are expiring, we’ll send you a reminder so you don’t miss out. Tracking a show also sets recurring TV Reminders. You can manage these settings via My TV on 10 play. You can track a show from a show page by clicking the “Track” button. You’ll need to be signed in to use the Track Show function.

How do I add a show to my watchlist? 

Just click 'watch later' on the episode you're watching and all your videos will be waiting for you in your Watchlist

How to I manage my tracked shows, tracked show TV reminders and watchlists?

My TV is the best place to start. Here you can manage your watchlists and tracked shows online episode and TV reminders. If you need to get into more detail, the Account Settings and Notification Settings are the next stop.